The Pineapple party is almost over! Hurry and get the items you need before they’re gone!


Super Pineapple Party 2015

On May 30th, a new update hit growtopians by surprise, the all new Pineapple Party is here for a week. You can now grow pineapples, feed your friends, and become a pineapple yourself! New blocks, New clothing, New Items!


Due to Inactivity from our founder, news from July 25th 2014 till June 6th 2015 was missed. Our founder is now back and GtDaily will now be running again! Keep checking back for more news! -Imbeast

Capture 3

Growtopia Released a great surprise on the 25th of july.

The game pack is out and it’s one of the best and biggest packs out on growtopia.

Create your own Pvp or Capture The flag, and maybe create your own type of game.

Buy it on the Growtopia Gem store for only 50,000 gems!

oh, yes. There’s also a Rockin’ pack which I forgot to post.


White Door Glitch! And Auto-bans!

A glitched world named Yasuooverpower had no white spawn door nor bedrock beneath it. as the owner put lava on top of the invisible spawn, Players which entered the world or respawned went into a loop of death causing about 10deaths per second. As expected players got auto-banned from the server thinking the players stuck in the loop hole were hacking. The Developers (or Moderators) quickly went to reset the world and is no longer a glitch world.