White Door Glitch! And Auto-bans!

A glitched world named Yasuooverpower had no white spawn door nor bedrock beneath it. as the owner put lava on top of the invisible spawn, Players which entered the world or respawned went into a loop of death causing about 10deaths per second. As expected players got auto-banned from the server thinking the players stuck in the loop hole were hacking. The Developers (or Moderators) quickly went to reset the world and is no longer a glitch world.

Updating Website soon is becoming a huge hit! We are going to update this website and keep up to date with growtopia in the near future. Expect more organization, Recent/Updated news, And More Stuff! We will also link our own world with this website, GtDaily which will open soon. Grow on, Growtopians.

St. Patrick’s Week


St. Patrick’s Week is On! Finish Parkours at Blarney1 trough Blarney8. you can finish 8 blarney parkours a day!

-Tapjoy x2 gems

-2 new achievements

-gem purchases give a bonus of 25% and a lucky clover per 1.000 gems bought

-St. patrick’s pack is now available for a limited time




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