St. Patrick’s Week


St. Patrick’s Week is On! Finish Parkours at Blarney1 trough Blarney8. you can finish 8 blarney parkours a day!

-Tapjoy x2 gems

-2 new achievements

-gem purchases give a bonus of 25% and a lucky clover per 1.000 gems bought

-St. patrick’s pack is now available for a limited time




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Leaked New items?


These two images were in growtopia’s offical facebook page images and were removed shortly after they were added.  The first image is a recolor of the cowboy hat. The second image is a recolor of the Bandana.  Not much other information can be found on these ‘unreleased’ Items.  But it is possible this could be  a expansion (theory of  Optimuswhat) of the cowboy Pack or just more items that can possibly be added to growtopia.